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It was great to have the restaurant fully booked tonight! I am happy to see the students enjoy their time here. I hope that the Dyne team are also happy; I believe we can have these events every Sunday from now

- Bella Roma Manager

We have never operated at such capacity, however, it was totally worth it. We enjoyed working with the Dyne team, and we would be happy to host numerous such events again.

- AMS Gallery Patio and Bar Staff

We saw an incredible attendance today, and it was great to see so many new customers. We haven’t seen our restaurants that full on a Thursday night before. We appreciate your efforts in organizing this event, and we would be happy to continue working with Dyne.

- Bombay Masala Manager

Thank you for organizing this event! I came here alone, but I got to know a lot of new amazing people thanks to the Dyne app and Dyne Night. The challenges were enjoyable, and the food quality was totally worth the price. I have never been to thisrestaurant before the event, but my friends and I will definitely visit Bombay Masala with Dyne discount again.

- Loyal Dyne Customer

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